Yennefer is a magicka sorcerer dps based on, you guessed it, “the perfect sorcerer”, Yennefer from the Witcher game series. This build will offer you great damage, lots of sustain and it’s very easy to solo with, while also maintaining the RP value of the character, using lots of lightning and dark magic. All of that with a really easy build to make, using only base game sets, no DLCs required.


Sorcerer is a very beginner friendly class but with a high skill cap, so it’s good for beginners and also for veteran players. Also this is a Yennefer based build so… It’s gotta be sorcerer.

We are using Bretons for this build, an awesome race for magicka based characters as a whole, and very useful because you can make a character that looks like Yennefer and also use the great sustain this race provides.

This food is easy to attain and will add to all three pools, giving you increased magicka, health and stamina for battle. The ingredients are Fish, Melon, Greens and Frost Mirriam, but if you cannot make it yourself, it is fairly cheap on guild traders.

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce

For this build basically any potions you want to use will work, be it those normal common potions that drop from enemies, using it as needed, or tri-stat potions, or even the crown potions that you get from daily rewards. But if you are doing vet content, tri-stat/crown potions are more recommended.

We have dump all our points into magicka. As a dps build there’s nothing much else we can do about how to allocate our attribute points. We have pretty high magicka and spell critical, and that goes ever further with various buffs

Sorcerer Attributes

MUNDUS STONE: The Thief (Increased critical rating)


The order you slot it is totally personal preference, just make sure you aim to get all of these skills.


Wall of ElementsVolatile FamiliarInner LightDestructive ClenchCrystal FragmentsElemental Rage


Lightning FloodSummon Volatile FamiliarInner LightBoundless StormCritical SurgeEnergy Overload

Unstable Wall of Elements: Wall of Elements morph. Weapons section, Destruction Staff tree. Awesome AOE with great damage, keep it up all the time.

Summon Volatile Familiar: Summon Unstable Familiar morph. Class section, Daedric Summoning tree. This pet does shock damage and when you activate it, they will pulse and at the end it will stun enemies, it’s very useful for trash fights.

Inner Light: Magelight morph. Guild section, Mages guild tree. This will increase your max Magicka just by having it equipped, you don’t even have to use it. That’s why we are using it in both bars, it’s a good utility skill.

Destructive Clench: Destructive Touch Morph. Weapons section, Destruction Staff tree. This will be your spammable skill. Each type of staff you use has a different effect, and since we are using a Lightning Staff, this skill will be an AOE spammable, great for every situation.

Crystal Fragments: Crystal Shard morph. Class section, Dark Magic tree. This will be kinda of a spammable for you, but only use it when it procs. When you use any skill that cost magicka, you have a chance of activating this skill, making the cast instant and doing more damage.

Elemental Rage (Ultimate): Elemental Storm morph. Weapons section, Destruction Staff tree. Besides this ult just being so pretty and cool to use, it is an awesome AOE ultimate with lots of damage.

Lightning Flood: Lightning Splash morph. Class section, Storm Calling tree. This will create a pool of lightning on the ground, and also provide a synergy your allies can use to do even more shock damage, keep this up all the time.

Boundless Storm: Lightning Form morph. Class section, Storm Calling tree. This skill turns you into lightning, it’s beautiful and also very useful, it ticks any enemy and comes close to you and also gives you some damage mitigation. It goes very well with Critical Surge, because the ticks also can do critical damage.

Critical Surge: Surge morph. Class section, Storm Calling tree. One of the best sorcerer skills, it will increase your critical damage, give you Major Brutality and also heal you everytime you deal critical damage.

Energy Overload (Ultimate): Overload morph. Class section, Shadow tree.You can switch this ult if you like, but it keeps the RP factor with Yennefer and also it’s really fun to use. Every time you light attack while this ult is active, the attack will be way stronger than it is. It costs 21 ultime per light attack, so the more ultimate you have, the more you can use it. Also you can activate or deactivate this ultimate with no cost anytime.


Class: All Dark Magic passives. All Daedric Summoning passives. All Storm Calling passives.

Weapon: All Destruction Staff passives.

Guild: All Undaunted passives. Banish the Wicked from Fighters Guild. Magicka Controller passives from Mages Guild.

Armor: All Light Armor passives.

Racial: All Breton passives.

Craft: Medicinal Use from the Alchemy tree.


Both sets work very well together, with no surprise because Mother’s Sorrow works well with basically every other set in the game if you want more critical chance, which we do. There’s not much to talk about this set, you equip it, it works, it’s great, always has been a top tier set and probably forever will be, so let’s talk about Overwhelming Surge. Every time you do damage with a class ability, and we have loads of it, you will do damage to enemies in front of you and also get 15% of that damage into your Magicka pool.

Ilambris is also a pretty solid Monster Set, one of the best for PvE dps that doesn’t require any DLC. Every time you do flame or shock damage the set will proc, and with this build you will proc it a lot, and it does a solid damage. Both Overwhelming and Ilambris are great sets that are easy to obtain, and also match a lot the theme of this build.

You can match the sets in any order you want, it will work as long as you have 5 pieces equipped, and keep in mind that you can get a free Mother’s Sorrow lightning staff from a quest in Deshaan, and you can do this quest one time per character.

There aren’t really alternative sets for this build since it has a pretty specific theme, but if you want something to use while you farm for both sets, you can never go wrong with the craftable sets Law of Julianos and Magnus gift. Also Armor of the Seducer can be a good choice.

HeadIlambrisLightDivinesMax Magicka
ShouldersIlambrisLightDivinesMax Magicka
ChestMother’s SorrowLightDivinesMax Magicka
WaistMother’s SorrowLightDivinesMax Magicka
ShoesMother’s SorrowLightDivinesMax Magicka
GlovesMother’s SorrowLightDivinesMax Magicka
PantsMother’s SorrowLightDivinesMax Magicka
NecklaceOverwhelming SurgeJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Overwhelming SurgeJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Overwhelming SurgeJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Overwhelming SurgeLightning StaffPreciseAbsorb Magicka
Weapon 2Overwhelming SurgeLightning StaffPreciseAbsorb Magicka

Ilambris: Head drops on vet Crypt of Hearts 1. Shoulders are bought with Glirion the RedBeard at any undaunted enclave.

Overwhelming Surge: Dungeon set that drops on Tempest Island.

Mother’s Sorrow: Overland set that drops on Deshaan, and can also be bought at Guild Traders.

Magnus Gift: Craftable Set, requires 4 traits to make.

Armor of the Seducer: Craftable Set, requires 3 traits to make.

Law of Julianos: Craftable Set, requires 6 traits to make.



  • Eldritch Insight
  • Precision
  • Piercing
  • Tireless Discipline
  • Fighting Finesse (Slot)
  • Deadly Aim (Slot)
  • Biting Aura (Slot)
  • Thaumaturge (Slot)
  • Flawless Ritual
  • War Mage


  • Hero’s Vigor
  • Siphoning Spells (Slot)
  • Rejuvenation (Slot)
  • Ironclad (Slot)
  • Survival Instinct (Slot)
  • Mystic Tenacity
  • Tumbling


This tree is kinda open to anything, just pick what you like, it doesn’t matter for combat. If you want suggestions, I would say Liquid Efficiency, Rationer and Treasure Hunter are always a good choice.






Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guides




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