In this Solo Sorcerer Build I am going to try to set this up differently and give you item loadouts that you can play not only at high CP levels, but item sets you can go for at level 3, level 25, and level 50. That way you are guided through the build from level 3. I think a lot of times players don’t know what to do in the beginning stages of builds and so I want to try to alleviate that by giving you beginner setups to work towards and then have the full set up that will really make this build shine.

Furthermore, as a Sorcerer, you have access to one of the most broken skills in the game that pairs nicely with another skill we are using that makes you essentially invincible. You can do all of this without using a mythic item. The Sorcerer as a whole is a powerhouse, and this invincible solo build will help you solo anything!



Sorcerers are one of my favorite classes in the game. They have so many good synergies with sets. They have such good sustain and self healing that they basically never die. This makes this Solo Sorcerer Build a great option for solo play


We are choosing Orc because of its mobility passive that it gets that allows us to zip around the map with our weapons that we are using. It is also really useful when you get cc’ed to be able to have that extra movement speed. The other reason we are using Orc is for its brawny passive which increases stamina, its unflinching rage passive which increases health by 1k and when you deal damage you heal about 2.1k health every 4 seconds which is fantastic for solo. Swift warrior increases your movement speed, but also reduces sprint time and give you weapon and spell damage. This race makes a great option for this Solo Sorcerer Build.


This food is easy to attain and will add to all three pools, giving you increased Magicka, health and stamina for battle. The ingredients are Fish, Melon, Greens and Frost Mirriam, but if you cannot make it yourself, it is fairly cheap on guild traders. You can also use Dubious Camoran Throne as well. In this Solo Sorcerer Build, these food options will all be solid choices

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce


I usually just use tri-stat potions because the gem crates you get from ZOS and the daily rewards give millions of them.


We have 64 points into stamina. This allows us to have 35k max Stamina, 24.2k max health, and 16.9k max Magicka. This is also unbuffed stats. Now like I said I am going to discuss your progression as a level 3 character, easily enough as your leveling this character you just put all your points into the stamina stat.

solo sorcerer build stats


We are using the thief mundus stone for increased critical ratings. It’s kind of up to you what you like more, if you want more penetration you can go the lover, or if you want more critical damage you can go shadow. You can pick those up early in the game too throughout the map. Just look up mundus stone locations.


You want to aim for these skills, but the order you slot them is totally a personal preference.


Wrecking BlowResolving VigorBound ArmamentsStampedeExecutionerFlawless Dawnbreaker


Arrow BarrageRazor CaltropsAcid SprayCritical SurgeHurricaneSummon Charged Atronach

Front bar

Wrecking Blow – Weapon – 2h – This is your main single target spammable (when you aren’t in execute phase). But what it does is it does physical damage. And grants you empower which increases your light and heavy attacks by 40 percent for 3 seconds which is insane.

Resolving Vigor – PvP Assault Line – This is your “I’m about to die heal”.

Bound Armaments – Daedric Summoning – This is simply on your bar as a passive bonus. This will increase your max stamina by a ton, and make your light attacks do more damage.

Stampede – 2h Line – This is the second most important skill of the build. This is where the build is held together. so this is the second skill in 2 hand. It has a 22 meter range which one helps you go nearly across the map, get out of cc a lot of the time and get away but its so versatile. It does physical damage. Then it leaves physical damage in area for 10 seconds where you land. But the most important part of this skill, is the words, “This attack is always a critical strike”. What that means is every time you use this skill with crit surge up you heal 3300 health. This also synergizes with our sets which we will get into soon. This is your aoe spammable.

Executioner  – 2h Line – This is  one of the morphs you can use. You can go between this and reverse slice. The difference is this will do more damage and is single target, the other morph is doing more aoe damage. I have been liking this since it outputs more single target damage on the boss. Because this is your execute for bosses. At 50 percent health or less you will do up to 400 percent more damage and it’s physical.

Flawless Dawnbreaker (Ultimate) – Fighter’s Guild Line – This is a great aoe. After using the skill, it increases your weapon spell damage by 300 for 20 seconds, it has low ultimate cost as well. But you also are using it for the Fighter’s Guild passive, slayer, but it is nice for clearing mobs of enemies.

Back Bar

Arrow Barrage  – Bow Line – This skill outputs tons of damage over time per tick, simple as that. It is the second skill in the bow line. And keep in mind it is doing physical damage which is increased by one of the sorcerer’s passives.

Razor Caltrops – PVP Assault Line – Again does physical damage over time, reduces enemies movement speed and inflicts major breach to enemies hit which reduces their physical and spell resistance for 4 seconds. This is the 4th skill on the assault line.

Acid Spray – Bow Line – This is a fantastic mob clearing skill that does damage over time and a nice dot that can do extra ticks for you. It is replaceable if you want.

Critical Surge – Storm Calling Line – This will give you major brutality and sorcery increasing your weapon and spell damage, but every time you do crit damage you heal for 3300 and it can happen every 1 second. This is ridiculous with what we are running. This is the 4th skill on the storming calling line

Hurricane – Storm Calling Line – Hurricane is a damage over time in an area that gets bigger doing physical damage. The damage increases over time. And not only that, you gain major resolve and minor expedition, the resolve increases your physical and spell resistance and minor expedition increases movement speed even more by 15 percent.

Summon Charged Atronach (Ultimate) – Daedric Summoning – This is a nice aoe and heavy hitter for mobs and bosses, it lasts for 21 seconds, and it will stun enemies as well. I like using this for a passive buff we get but also it really helps with mob clear if you get overwhelmed. The other morph is also great too.

Progression of Skills from level 3 to 50:  

You can slot the first skill on your front bar from each sorcerer skill line. Also slot a bow skill on there, and a 2h skill. This will level up all your lines accordingly. Slot the skills that you need for the build when they are unlocked.

For the Fighter’s Guild, just run dolmens in Alik’r and you will have level 10 in no time.

For PvP, there is a quest in the description of the video that explains how to get to level 3 in the PvP lines at level 10, in 15 minutes. After you do that just do battlegrounds until caltrops are unlocked.


The Solo Sorcerer Build utilizes these are passives. As you get more skills points feel free to put more points into other things. But These passives are crucial to helping you really increase your effectiveness. Alot of the Sorcerer Passives are great for this build.

Class: All Class Passives with the exception of the Dark Magic Line. Just put points into Unholy Knowledge and Persistence in that line.

Weapon: All 2h and bow passives (we are using dual wield on werewolf side)

Armor: All Medium armor passives

Guild: All undaunted and fighter’s guild passives

Craft: Medicinal Use from the Alchemy Tree

Racial: All Racial Passives


These armor sets are the endgame/end build armor sets to go for. I will give a progression below that you can follow from level 3 to CP 160. But all these armor sets should be easy to get.


On the head and shoulder we have Slimecraw, which is from Veteran Wayrest Sewers Dungeon. This is in the base game but that helmet is going to give us critical chance, and minor berserk at all times, which increases our damage done by 5 percent.


On the body pieces we are wearing Briarheart. This is farmable in the Wrothgar overland zone, or you can buy it on guild traders. This is going to give us critical chance x2, max stamina, and when we deal critical damage it will increase our weapon and spell damage, and when the effect is active we heal every time we do a critical strike. The amazing thing is this set will synergize well with our stampede skill. The reason it will is because stampede always does critical damage. That means that you always heal when you use stampede, plus you always heal from stampede when Critical Surge is active as well.

Hexos’ Ward

The jewelry and 2h weapon we are using is Hexos’ Ward from the Deadlands overland zone. This set is insane though, it gives us critical chance x2 plus weapon and spell damage. But the ability is dealing direct critical damage gives you a damage shield that absorbs up to 12335 damage for 6 seconds. This can occur every 7 seconds. So we will always do critical damage with stampede so every 7 seconds we get a heal off Briarheart, a heal off of critical surge, and a 12.3k damage shield. This is why you don’t need ring of the pale order.


The last item set is a bow of agility, since this is very easy to obtain from random dungeons, imperial city, or on guild traders. This can be switched out for maelstrom weapons if you would like.

HeadSlimecrawMediumDivinesMax Stamina
ShouldersSlimecrawMediumDivinesMax Stamina
ChestBriarheartMediumDivinesMax Stamina
WaistBriarheartMediumDivinesMax Stamina
ShoesBriarheartMediumDivinesMax Stamina
GlovesBriarheartMediumDivinesMax Stamina
PantsBriarheartMediumDivinesMax Stamina
NecklaceHexos’ WardJewelryRobustStamina Recovery
Ring 1Hexos’ WardJewelryRobustStamina Recovery
Ring 2Hexos’ WardJewelryRobustStamina Recovery
Weapon 1Hexos’ Ward2h/Battle-axePreciseAbsorb Stamina Enchant
Weapon 2AgilityBowPreciseAbsorb Stamina Enchant

Slimecraw – Vet Wayrest Sewers I

Briarheart – Wrothgar Overland

Hexos’ Ward – Deadland’s Overland

Agility – Imperial city, random dungeons, or guild traders

Alternate Item Set Build with Ring of the Pale Order 

1x piece Slimecraw

5x piece Briarheart

5x piece Hexos’ Ward

Ring of the pale order

Armor Set Progression from level 3 to CP 160

Level 3 – (Hunding’s Rage) (Twilight’s Embrace) – Crafted sets
Level 25 – (Viper’s Sting) – Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon (Leviathan) – Crypt of Hearts Dungeon (Venomous Smite) – Overland — (Hunding’s Rage) (Twilight’s Embrace) — Alternative
Level 50 – You should be able to craft yourself Hunding’s Rage and Twilight’s Embrace
Level 160 CP – You should be able to craft yourself Hunding’s Rage and Twilight’s Embrace. Once you do that you can farm Briarheart in Wrothgar, switch Twilight’s out for that. Then you can go into the deadland’s for Hexos’ Ward. Switch that with Hunding’s Rage. Then go and get Slimecraw’s helm from Veteran Wayrest Sewer’s 1.



Moving your mouse over the stars in the CP screen will give you more info of what it does. If you don’t have many skill points, don’t worry, just pick what you can and how much you can. Only the slottable ones are listed, the rest is up to your preference.

  • Fighting Finesse (Slot)
  • Reaving Blows(Slot)
  • Deadly Aim (Slot)
  • Master at Arms (Slot)

You can put other points into other non-slottable CP stars and the ones you need to get the slottable ones.


  • Bloody Renewal (Slot)
  • Rejuvenation (Slot)
  • Survival Instincts (Slot)
  • Sustained by Suffering (Slot)

The rest of the points put into what you want in the red tree and the ones you need to get the slottables.


This tree is kind of open to anything, just pick what you like, it doesn’t matter for combat. If you want suggestions, I would say Liquid Efficiency, Rationer and Treasure Hunter are always a good choice.


The rotation for the Solo Sorcerer Build is as simple as I could get it for you all –

Critical Surge > Hurricane > Arrow Barrage > Caltrops > Arrow Spray > Ultimate (if available) > Switch Bars

make sure to light attack between skills

Stampede > Wrecking Blow > Light Attack > Wrecking Blow > Light Attack > Wrecking Blow > Light Attack > Switch Bars (Change wrecking blow with stampede if you need aoe damage) (Use resolving vigor if you need to heal) (if the boss is 50 percent health or less switch wrecking blow with executioner) > Switch Bars

Re-apply your damage over times and buffs when needed. But Solo rotations aren’t as set in stone because you have to move around, do mechanics, and heal yourself. Use this as a guideline and go out there and wreak havoc!






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