Have you ever had someone merchant out during a fight, and there’s AOE, trash mobs, fire, lightning, ice, explosions, looks like the world is ending but the NPC is just there, completely unfazed by everything that’s happening while stepping in a AOE. So this is it, this is that build, the NPC Build, you are a tank with loads of health and loads of defense that can literally just stand still and basically never die, even one of our sets is based on standing still, and you can also kill stuff. Keep in mind that this build was made primarily to be fun, if you want to switch things up to do the highest endgame veteran content, you can, but if you want to just relax and play a hilarious build, you are set.


Necromancer is a class that’s good in every role, we are using it for the amount of utility skills the class provides but mainly because of the ultimate, which will synergize well with one of our sets.

Here we actually have two options, either Nord because of the ultimate regeneration, or Argonian because of the extra resources when using a potion, so you can choose whatever you fancy more.

This food is easy to attain and will add to all three pools, giving you increased magicka, health and stamina for battle. The ingredients are Fish, Melon, Greens and Frost Mirriam, but if you cannot make it yourself, it is fairly cheap on guild traders.

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce

For this build basically any potions you want to use will work, be it those normal common potions that drop from enemies, using it as needed, or tri-stat potions, or even the crown potions that you get from daily rewards. But if you are doing vet content, tri-stat/crown potions are more recommended.

Our sets help us with health, so we will spread some points between Magicka and Stamina too. So the points distribution is: 45 points into Health, 14 points into Magicka and 5 points into stamina.

MUNDUS STONE: The Lord (Increase maximum health)


The order you slot it is totally personal preference, just make sure you aim to get all of these skills.


Pierce ArmorSilver LeashSpirit GuardianAgony TotemInner RagePummeling Goliath


Elemental BlockadeEmpowering GraspNecrotic PotencyBeckoning ArmorUnnerving BoneyardAggressive Horn

Pierce Armor

Puncture morph. Weapons section, One Hand and Shield tree. Your melee taunt, every tank must use it.

Silver Leash

Silver Bolts morph. Guild section, Fighters Guild tree. This will pull the enemies close to you, a great skill to group enemies.

Spirit Guardian

Spirit Mender morph. Class section, Living Death tree. It will heal you, create a corpse and also take some of your damage, very useful.

Agony Totem

Bone Totem Morph. Class section, Bone Tyrant tree. This is a great buff for your team, debuff for the enemies and also a stun.

Inner Rage:

Inner Fire morph. Guild section, Undaunted tree. Your ranged taunt, that will also activate a synergy for your group.

Pummeling Goliath (Ultimate):

 Bone Goliath Transformation morph. Class section, Bone Tyrant tree. Awesome ultimate that increases your health by 30k and your attacks will give you resources.

Elemental Blockade

Wall of Elements morph. Weapons section, Destruction Staff tree. Awesome AOE, with the frost staff it will chill enemies and do a nice damage. Keep this up all the time.

Empowering Grasp

Grave Grasp morph. Class section, Bone Tyrant tree. This skill will snare, immobilize and stun enemies, depending on the area the enemies are on, and also debuff enemies, plus buff the healing your Spirit Guardian does.

Necrotic Potency

Bitter Harvest morph. Class section, Bone Tyrant tree. This simply will give you a TON of ultimate, and also reduce your damage taken just by having it slotted.

Beckoning Armor

Bone Armor morph. Class section, Bone Tyrant tree. A must have for every necromancer tank. This will give you Major Resolve and also pull enemies to you.

Unnerving Boneyard

Boneyard morph. Class section, Gravelord tree. This is an AOE skill that does frost damage and also gives Major Breach to enemies, great for mob packs.

Aggressive Horn (Ultimate)

War Horn morph. Alliance War section, Assault tree. Standard tanking ultimate, it will increase your team damage and resources, it’s always useful.


Class: All Grave Lord passives. All Bone Tyrant passives. All Living Death passives.

Weapon: All Destruction and One Hand and Shield Passives.

Armor: All Heavy Armor passives.

Racial: All Racial passives.

Guild:  All Undaunted Passives. Slayer and Banish the Wicked from Fighters Guild.

Craft: Medicinal Use from the Alchemy tree.


Leeching is a pretty well known tanking set, when you take damage you will create a pool that will damage enemies and heal you for 100% of the damage caused. This set will proc all the time and it is super useful against mob packs. Now we have a less known set, Thews of the Harbinger. What this set does is basically deal damage to the enemy when you block any attack, including AOEs, but the damage is based on your max health, and as a necromancer tank we have loads of it, and on top of that, the Goliath ultimate will also increase the amount of damage you deal when blocking. It is very fun to use, but remember that you need stamina to block attacks, so remember to use heavy attacks to get resources back. Last but not least we have a very new set, that was added with the Blackwood expansion, and it is Glorgoloch the Destroyer monster set. When you stand still while in combat, you will gain a stack of Flesh Fortress per second, and that increases your armor and critical resistance, stacking up to 10 times. This will add a lot, with the potential of bringing you physical and spell resistance to a whooping 42k. This is the set that allows you to just stand still and take damage and still live like nothing is happening… Like an NPC.

Now some alternative sets if you want a “less meme” build but still liked the basis of this Necromancer Tank. You can still keep Leeching because it really is a solid tanking set, but you can switch Harbinger for Yolnahkriin, it’s one of the best sets for tanking in the game, you can never go wrong with it. Ebon is always an option, easy to get and pretty beginner friendly. For the monster set, you can switch Glorgoloch for Symphony of Blades, it provides great healing for you and your team. You can also go with Lord Warden as well, pretty easy to get and simple but still a solid set. Another option is Tremorscale, you already have good damage resistance from Beckoning Armor, so this set will help you do a little more damage and also debuff the enemies.

HeadGlorgolochHeavyInfusedMax Stamina
ShouldersGlorgolochHeavyReinforcedMax Stamina
ChestLeeching PlateHeavyInfusedPrismatic Defense
WaistLeeching PlateHeavyReinforcedMax Health
ShoesLeeching PlateHeavyReinforcedMax Health
GlovesLeeching PlateHeavyReinforcedMax Health
PantsLeeching PlateHeavyInfusedPrismatic Defense
NecklaceThews of the HarbingerJewelryArcaneBracing
Ring 1Thews of the HarbingerJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Thews of the HarbingerJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Thews of the Harbinger1 Handed SwordDecisiveAbsorb Stamina
Weapon 1Thews of the HarbingerShieldSturdyMax Health
Weapon 2Thews of the HarbingerIce StaffChargedWeapon Damage

Glorgoloch the DestroyerHead and shoulders drops by killing Glorgoloch the Destroyer, the boss of the Arena District of Imperial City.
Thews of the HarbingerThis set is bought at the Telvar merchant on you Alliance Base in Imperial City, but you can also buy it on guild traders.

Leeching PlateDungeon set, drops on Imperial City Prison.

Claw of YolnahkriinTrial set, drops on Sunspire, with the perfect version dropping by doing the trial on Veteran. Requires the Elsweyr expansion.

Ebon ArmoryDungeon set, drops on Crypt of Hearts I and II

Symphony of BladesHead drops on Vet Depths of Malatar. Shoulders are bought at Urgarlag.

Lord WardenHead drops on Vet Imperial City Prison. Shoulders are bought at Urgarlag.
Head drops on Vet Volenfell. Shoulders are bought at Glirion.



  • Eldritch Insight

  • Precision

  • Tireless Discipline

  • Blessed

  • Quick Recovery

  • Duelist’s Rebuff (Slot)

  • Unassailable (Slot)

  • Enduring Resolve (Slot)

  • Elemental Aegis

  • Preparation

  • Hardy

  • Piercing

  • Thaumaturge (Slot)

  • Flawless Ritual

  • War Mage

  • Battle Mastery


  • Hero’s Vigor

  • Strategic Reserve (Slot)

  • Rejuvenation (Slot)

  • Ironclad (Slot)

  • Boundless Vitality (Slot)

  • Hasty

  • Tireless Guardian

  • Fortification

  • Savage Defence

  • Bashing Brutality

  • Tumbling

  • Mystic Tenacity

  • Defiance


This tree is kinda open to anything, just pick what you like, it doesn’t matter for combat. If you want suggestions, I would say Liquid Efficiency, Rationer and

Treasure Hunter are always a good choice.


For tanks you really don’t have a rotation. It is very reaction based on the situation. The main things you want to do is taunt the boss, group adds together, and apply buffs and debuffs. OH and block!






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