The long awaited necromancer healer build is finally here! Necromancer is a pretty fun build to play at any hole, and healer hits a good balance between being an intense, but also, a relaxing role depending on the content, so that makes a Necro Healer build an absolute joy to play.


The Necromancer class is always in demand for trials and veteran content not only due to the great skill of resurrecting multiple players at once, hence the title of this build, but also for the very useful debuffs it can apply to enemies.

For this build we are going with High Elf due to its passive to recover Magicka or Stamina when activating a ability, the extra Magicka pool and the increase in Spell Damage, which translate to how much you heal. But any Magicka based race is good for healers, so if you want to go with an Argonian, who has several racial passives geared towards healing, or Breton, who is a Magicka Sustain powerhouse, go ahead! If you want an in depth look at all the racial passives, you can check our race guide.

This food is easy to attain and will add to all three pools, giving you increased magicka, health and stamina for battle. The ingredients are Fish, Melon, Greens and Frost Mirriam, but if you cannot make it yourself, it is fairly cheap on guild traders.

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce

With the insane amount of Magicka recovery from this build we don’t even need to use potions, but if you want you can use the cheap potion that drops from enemies, any other buff advanced potions gives you is covered by our skills.

We have a pretty solid amount of Magicka and Magicka recovery, which will help us to not have to worry about running out of Magicka during the fight, a good Spell Critical, which is important for one of our sets, and a good amount of health and stamina, so put all 64 attribute points into Magicka.

MUNDUS STONE: The Thief (increase our Weapon and Spell Critical rating, which will play into one of our sets).


You want to aim for these skills, but the order you slot them is totally a personal preference. For the back bar we are using a selection of AoE and DoT skills with a Lightning Staff. There will be alternative skills that you can switch.


Radiating RegenerationHealing SpringsEnergy OrbCombat PrayerEnduring UndeathRenewing Animation


Elemental BlockadeElemental DrainNecrotic PotencyIntensive MenderUnnerving BoneyardGlacial Colossus

Radianting Regeneration: Regeneration Morph. Weapon section, Restoration Staff tree. This is a direct heal skill that acts like an AoE, automatically hitting people around you. DPS doesn’t want to stack? No problem!

Healing Springs: Grand Healing morph: Weapon section, Restoration Staff tree. Just a great AoE heal that also gives you resources back anytime anyone is healed.

Energy Orb: Necrotic Orb morph: Guild section, Undaunted Guild tree. Always have this active during a fight, it will help your team sustain a lot, plus heal them.

Combat PrayerBlessing of Protection morph: Weapon section, Restoration Staff tree. One of the best healing skills there is, not only it heals your allies, it also grants them a damage and resistance buff.

Enduring UndeathLife amid Death morph: Class section, Living Death tree. This is a crazy heal over time and AoE heal that can last for at least 25 seconds.

Renewing Animation (Ultimate)Reanimate morph: Class section, Living Death tree. It allows you to revive up to 3 allies just by pressing a button. For sure one of the best ultimates for trials and dungeons.

Elemental Blockade (Blockade of Storms): Wall of Elements morph: Weapon section, Destruction Staff tree. This is a fantastic DoT and works great with a Necromancer. Lightning Staff with the Ancient Knowledge passive increases your AoE damage, and the class has the Rapid Rot passive, also increasing your AoE damage. Healer in this game is not just for healing, but also for damaging too.

Elemental DrainWeakness to Elements morph: Weapon section, Destruction Staff tree. Fantastic skill for healers, it debuffs enemies and gives you magicka back to you and your allies.

Necrotic PotencyBitter Harvest Morph, Class section, Bone Tyrant tree. This is fantastic. It heals you, but mostly important, it gives you ultimate when you activate this ability to consume corpses. So if there’s an add pull, it will almost guarantee you have your ultimate ready for the next boss battle.

Intensive MenderSpirit Mender Morph, Class section, Living Death tree. This spawns a little ghost that follows you around and heals you or the ally with the lowest health around you. Great to have, activate it on cooldown.

Unnerving Boneyard: Boneyard Morph, Class section, Grave Lord tree. This will apply Major Breach to enemies, just like Elemental Drain, but in an AoE fashion, and also damage, especially if you consume a corpse on activation, and on top of that you ally can activate a synergy to do more damage and also heal them.

Glacial Colossus (Ultimate): Frozen Colossus Morph. Class section, Grave Lord Tree. It has low cost, does tons of damage, and applies Major Vulnerability to enemies.

Alternative Skills:  

If you want to be, or already are, a more advanced Necromancer player, you can switch some skills. You can take down Radiant Regeneration and Enduring Undeath, and put on Resistant Flesh, and Expunge and Modify (both are in the Living Death tree). The first one will heal and buff one of your allies, but debuff you in return, so you can use Expunge and Modify, which will remove two debuffs from you and restore Magicka and Stamina for every negative effect removed. These two skills paired with the Salve of Renewal CP Star will make you put down an AoE heal whenever you cleanse yourself or allies from debuffs. You can also switch the Glacial Colossus for Pestilent Colossus, trading the stun from Glacial for damage from Pestilent, or switch it for War Horn, an Assault skill that increases everyone’s critical damage and resources recovery.


Class: All Grave Lord passives. All Bone Tyrant passives. All Living Death passives.

Weapon: All Destruction and Restoration Staff Passives.

Armor: All Light Armor passives.

Racial: All Racial passives.

Guild:  All Undaunted Passives. 

Craft: Medicinal Use from the Alchemy tree.


We are using two pretty standard Healer sets that work great on almost all occasions and content. The first one is Spell Power Cure, this set will increase the weapon and spell damage of every person you overheal (meaning you heal someone even when they already have full health), including yourself. Overhealing in this game is something that happens A LOT, so this set can have a 100% uptime on basically all fights as long as you keep your AoE and DoT heals coming. With Hollowfang, everytime you does a critical heal or critical damage (hence the Mundus stone we choose), a ball of blood will spawn and explode, giving Magicka back and applying Major Vitality to everyone in range, so even stamina based characters on your team will gain something from you running this set. For our Monster Set, our choosing will be Symphony of Blades, this set procs everytime you heal anyone below 50% health and it will restore them either Magicka or Stamina, based on their max stat, greatly helping their sustain. Our healing staff will be the Grand Rejuvenation/Master Restoration Staff, what this does is basically buff or Grand Rejuvenation skill, making it heal more and give more resources back to our team.

Symphony of Blades is a DLC monster set that drops on one of the hardest veteran dungeons, so if you don’t have the DLC or want another set to use while you farm for Symphony, you can go with Sentinel of Rkugamz, a base game Monster Set that works greatly. Hollowfang is also a DLC set, so if you need or want to switch it, we recommend the Sanctuary set, a base game set that increases the healing received to everyone, thus working well with the Spell Power Cure.

HeadSymphony of BladesLightDivines/InfusedMax Magicka
ShouldersSymphony of BladesLightDivinesMax Magicka
ChestSpell Power CureLightDivines/InfusedMax Magicka
WaistSpell Power CureLightDivinesMax Magicka
ShoesSpell Power CureLightDivinesMax Magicka
GlovesSpell Power CureLightDivinesMax Magicka
PantsSpell Power CureLightDivines/InfusedMax Magicka
NecklaceHollowfang ThirstJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Hollowfang ThirstJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Hollowfang ThirstJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Hollowfang ThirstRestoration StaffPoweredAbsorb Magicka
Weapon 2Hollowfang ThirstLightning StaffPreciseAbsorb Magicka

Spell Power CureDungeon set that drops on White-Gold Tower. Requires no DLC.

Hollowfang Thirst: Dungeon set that drops on Moongrave Fane. Requires Scalebreaker DLC.

Grand Rejuvenation/Master Restoration StaffThis set can drop by beating the Dragonstar Arena on Craglorn, a Group Arena content. Requires no DLC

Sanctuary: Dungeon set that drops on Banished Cells I and II. Requires no DLC.

Symphony of BladesHead drops on vet Depths of Malatar. Shoulders are bought at Urgalarg Chief-Bane.

Sentinel of RkugamzHead drops on vet Darkshade Caverns I. Shoulders are bought at Maj.



Moving your mouse over the stars in the CP screen will give you more info of what it does. If you don’t have many skill points, don’t worry, just pick what you can and how much you can. Only the slottable ones are listed, the rest is up to your preference.

  • Fighting Finesse (Slot)
  • Salve of Renewal (If using the more advanced skills)
  • Soothing Tide (Slot)
  • Focused Mending (Slot)
  • Swift Renewal (Slot)


  • Fortified (Slot)
  • Rejuvenation (Slot)
  • Survival Instinct (Slot)
  • Sustained by Suffering (Slot)


This tree is kinda open to anything, just pick what you like, it doesn’t matter for combat. If you want suggestions, I would say Liquid Efficiency, Rationer and

Treasure Hunter are always a good choice.


Healers don’t really have a rotation, it’s more about managing your resources and using what the situation at hand is asking for,  so this is basically a guideline.

Start with Weakness to Elements on bosses, or Graveyard on adds, then you can pop your Mender, switch bars to pop Elemental Blockade, and now it’s just healing/buffing your teammates and using the skills when needed.

That’s it, simple, easy and really fun to use. Check the build video if you want a voice over about all the info and footage of the rotation! With a bonus Fashion for the NecroHealer.







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