There are recommended addons that many of the members will use in order to enhance their trading skills. Some of these are less intuitive to set up than others. All of them are recommended to be installed using the Beginner Addon Guide on this website.

With all addons, be sure to check which prerequisites you may need in order to run each addon. If it is not listed in the description, simply go to your in game menu, Add-Ons, and click the arrow on the left next to the addon name. It will highlight in red which prerequisites you might be missing.

Must have trade addons!


For Trading:

  • Arkadius’ Trade Tools
    • My Donation (Arkadius’ Trade Tools Addon)
  • Tamriel Trade Centre
  • Awesome Guild Store
  • Master Merchant 3.X+

​For Crafting:

  • Crafting Writ Assistant
  • Potion Maker
  • AI Research Grid

​For Fishing:

  • Votan’s Fisherman


You will need to have this AddOn installed if you wish to use My Donation which can help you track your own donations/deposits into the guild. This is especially helpful in tracking your weekly 8k payment if your sales are under 80k. It can also help you see if you accidentally paid your donation to the wrong guild (which I’ve done in the past).

I would recommend changing the dropdown window to show “this week” as it will be the closest view to your sales since the Tuesday reset. It’s not perfect as there will be some bleed over since it counts from Sunday but it’s close. Also, on the Statistics tab, you can search your name to easily find out where you stand in sales.

I would highly recommend going to Settings/Addons and making adjustments as desired. I personally have it automatically open only when I open the guild store. You can set it to also automatically open with your mailbox and crafting stations. You can also force it open by typing /att.

You can decide if you wish to have it notify you every time you make a sale in rather large text across your screen, just when you’re out of combat, or no large notification at all. When you first see the notification spam across the center of your screen, you can decide then if it’ll be too distracting or not.

Arkadius' trade tools


Tamriel Trade Centre is installed in two parts. There is a web client you run in the background as well as the addon ingame. The web client does not have to be running the entire time you play though you’ll receive a warning in game about it. As long as you run the web client after you’re finished playing so it can upload data to the TTC website, you will be fine. As a note, this is an optional step but it is one that will benefit everyone including yourself.

After or before you install the addon through Minion or however you prefer to install addons, go to your addon folder where TTC is located. From there, look inside of the Client folder (\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\TamrielTradeCentre\Client) and I would recommend setting a shortcut for the Client.exe file within the folder. When you first open it, you will need to create a login within TTCs website. After adding your login information, it will ask for either your Zenimax UID, XBox Live Gamer Tag, or your PSN ID. This is simply your @username you use for ESO.

After you’ve made the adjustments to the in game settings to your liking, I would highly recommend going to the guild trader and looking for “scan all listings” clickable text on the bottom left. Click this to get yourself some needed data to use as a starting point. You can bind this (as you can see I have not) but I feel it’s unnecessary. It will take some time and the addon will let you know when it’s finished. If you have the web client open or if you open it after you log off the game, you’ll be able to upload all of the current prices to TCC. This will actually help the guild as it creates a web listing on their website. If we keep that data up to date, more people will see our listings and possibly visit our guild trader!


AGS has several components which are very useful whenever you are posting items to sell and when you’re searching for items.

When listing items, materials tend to be one of the easiest sellers especially when starting out. If you have ESO+, it can be frustrating to have to withdraw items from your craft bag before placing them on the guild store. AGS helps you get around this by allowing you to list items for sale directly from the store page itself.

You merely click on the bag icon when you open the guild store to sell and you’ll see all of your craft bag items that you can list for sale.

You’ll also notice a change when searching for items. You’re given several different filters to allow you to more easily find what you’re looking for. If you have MM as well, you can also search by deal ranges to easily buy low and sell high. Just please note that the deal filter function is actually part of MM and not AGS. It just has the ability to integrate with the AGS search filters. I highly recommend taking some time to play around with the different search options. Also, there are times when you search and can’t seem to find an item. Before running to the TTC website to check, make sure you don’t have the search filtered to only armor when you’re looking for furniture.


First and most importantly, be sure you download the addon specifically marked Master Merchant 3.x as MM 2.x will be discontinued.

MM is similar to TTC in that it scans and records sales you have made through a guild store. It can also provide data on suggested selling prices based upon recent sales within your trading guild(s). This can be helpful in the fact it’ll help keep you closer to your fellow guildmates when pricing items.

You can also pull up reports to see your personal sales as well as guild sales. This is especially helpful if you’d like to check and compare items that are popular to list. For example, if you’ve been selling a large amount of Dreugh Wax but want to see how you compare to others in the guild, you can use this to compare. If you’re selling per item at a rate far higher or lower than your fellow guildmates, you might want to consider making an adjustment.


This addon is far less useful with the crafting UI additions. It’s main purpose was to display your writ quests on your screen and tell you what items you need to create. ESO made a recent update which includes a quest indicator to make it even easier and quicker to do your writs every day. It can be useful to continue using this addon as it will let you know which writs you’re still working on depending on whether the icon shows up white, green, or black when you go to a crafting table.


You can use this to complete alchemy writs in seconds by selecting the Potion Maker tab, clicking writs, and then selecting a combination from there. Potion Maker does require you to have already gone through and discovered the traits of the ingredients that you have on hand. The easiest way to do so is to have Potion Maker search by solvent. It will list all of the possible combinations. You can then select the combinations which show undiscovered traits. There are also guides in making this a more efficient process but it can be a way to do so if you’re in a hurry and just want to discover 4 traits with an ingredient you picked up for the first time.


AI Research Grid is especially useful when you’re still working on researching traits on gear. It will show you which traits you’ve researched and are currently researching not only on the character you’re logged in on but all of your alts as well. Plus, you can also see which styles you’ve unlocked per character. It makes it handy if you’re trying to decide to sell a style book or not.


Have you ever been fishing and glanced away at just the wrong moment to miss seeing your fishing rod move? Votan’s Fisherman is very handy in helping make sure you’re never going to miss a reel in. It not only keeps a little list of your fish colored by rarity on your screen but it also gives you a huge fishing hook image on your screen when you should Reel In. You can also choose in the options to customize the color of the fishing hook as well as have it make a sound.

Fishing Addon






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