For an in depth look at housing in ESO, check out our Housing Guide. Housing is such a detailed part of ESO, but not everything fit into the main guide so this FAQ section has been created to add more information. This page will be updated as new questions come up in the community, so make sure to check out the Discord and let us know if you have any other questions not answered in the guide or here!


Do I need to have a house in ESO? What is the benefit?​

Nope! You can play the game however you want to play. Housing is a hobby to some, an addiction to others and some people don’t care at all about housing. If you want to spend some time in game decorating a player house with the trophies and items you get while playing, it is there for you to enjoy. If you don’t want to spend time or gold on it that is OK too!

The one big thing housing provides is free transport from anywhere in Tamriel (other than the PvP zones of Cyrodiil and Imperial City). If you own a house in a zone, you can travel to it for free and use it instead of wayshrines. This can also be helpful when you start a new character and need access to a zone for the first time. Houses are account-wide, so if you have a house in a difficult to reach zone and don’t have anyone there to port to, you can just travel to your home and unlock the zone.​

I got the free tavern room, where do I get more free houses?​

The Elsweyr story line will provide a large house with multiple areas for you to decorate however you want. Completing the first half of the northern Elsweyr main quest will unlock the first section of the house, and finishing the entire story there will get you a tablet to be placed in the main room that opens a whole new area of the house. The southern Elsweyr quest is similar, with the first half of the quest getting you the second tablet you need, and the full quest getting you the third and final tablet to unlock the whole house.​

I previewed a house and wanted to buy it, but it said it isn’t on sale. Why is that? When it be available?

Over the years, ZoS has released several promotional houses and made them available for short periods of time. These houses remain in the game and from time to time will be offered in the crown store on a limited basis. There is no official schedule as to when the houses will be made available, and some of them may never be on the market again.​

Is there a limit to what I can put in my house?

There is a hard cap on the number of items you can place in your home, with larger houses having a higher cap. Having an active ESO+ membership doubles these limits, but there is no way to go over the limit. There are 4 categories of items you can place in your home, and the type of furnishing is listed on the information card for the item:​

  • Traditional Furnishings – These are your normal housing items like tables, chairs and plants.
  • Special Furnishings – These are more rare furnishings you can get from the crown store.
  • Collectible Furnishings – These are gallery items like dungeon/trial trophies and works of art.
  • Special Collectibles – These are pets/mounts and the merchant/banker you can place in your home.

​In addition to limits on furnishings, there is also a limit to the number of other players you can have in your house at once. This limit is based on the size of the house and is also doubled with ESO+.​

Should I buy a furnished house with crowns or furnish the house myself?​

This is really up to you depending on how many crowns you want to spend and how much you want to make the house your own. Buying a furnished house does give you a lot of furnishings to start, some of which may be difficult or expensive to acquire, and you can move or take out the furnishing should you ever want or need to. Preview the house with furnishings and see what all is in it before making the decision, and keep in mind that to purchase it furnished requires crowns, and unfurnished may be gold only. Much of the furniture provided in the pre-furnished houses can be bought with gold or made if you have the recipes, so it is really a matter of how much you want to invest in the house and what it is worth to you.






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