ESO High Isle Expansion 2022


ESO 2022 Expansion: High Isle and the Legacy of the Bretons

Zenimax just revealed their upcoming 2022 expansion and year long chapter adventure for ESO. If you had a Breton Themed Expansion on your bingo card then you win. If you are like me and guessed Redguard then maybe we will get it next year.

This Breton themed expansion is the Legacy of the Bretons and called High Isle. We will be traveling to a small chain of islands Southwest of Daggerfall and Northwest of Summerset. The zone looks incredible and the culture involved is medieval and feudal. I personally love that style because we are going to be getting more traditional plate armor and honestly the medieval times is what made me fall in love with this type of fantasy.

But High Isle will focus on exploring the Breton lore and culture. They said that this expansion is very politically themed and charged. This will feel like a classic Elder Scrolls game. The interesting thing that they said is the goal of the story, in this expansion, is to end the three years war in Cyrodiil. So maybe that means they are going to completely reset PVP or lead into their new pvp content next year with this story.


Now lets talk about the massive reveal news and new system. This new system will be very polarizing and a lot of people may love it and I think a lot of people were very underwhelmed. This system is called the Tales of Tribute which is a new collectible card game coming to ESO. So if you have every played Gwent or something to that nature. It’s similar to this. If you have played Hearthstone and Magic, again very similar, but Magic is technically a TCG. So you play this throughout taverns in Tamriel and you start out with 4 starter decks. You unlock more things through the storyline, and other systems. Now apparently you can explore the world to unlock more and complete your deck. You can get patron decks, with unique upgraded cards. Also there is a ranking system for solo and pvp. That is really cool.

Now say you just started and you are playing someone who has a better deck than you. your decks will be mixed in with the other player’s deck and it balances it out. They said its a resource building game so I think that means like Magic where you have a resource and thats how you play cards. Also it is a deck builder. Which means you probably build your deck as the game goes on. To win you have to reach a victor point goal as well. What this will do is unlock things in ESO, cosmetic rewards, furniture, gold, crafting materials, and transmute stones. This promotes against pay to win because your decks are shuffled in if they are unbalanced which I really like.

Now the next thing are they are adding 2 new companions Ember who is a Khajiit and Isabelle who is a Breton. I am not a massive fan of companions so I really could care less about these being added.

Along with this we will obviously get questing, world bosses, and the usual overland content. There will be new world events called volcanic eruptions, which are similar to abyssal geysers.

There is also a new raid called Dread Cell Reef Coming as well!

This expansion will be available June 6/6 on PC, MAC, and Stadia, and June 21st on consoles.


Now the first dungeon DLC, “Ascending Tide”, will be available on March 14th for PC, MAC, and Stadia, and March 29th on Console.

Finally the base game patch Update 33 will becoming with the launch of Ascending Tide. In this we are getting… wait for it… ACCOUNT WIDE ACHIEVEMENTS. I am so excited for this. There will also be dual mounts they will be testing, a deconstruction assistant, a new house. and PS4 and PS5 trophy sync.

I for one am actually looking forward to this expansion. I think the card game is something fresh that I needed. I love TCG’s and so I will 100 percent be invested in at least giving it a shot. But to stay up to date on all news and guides for the upcoming expansion check out my full  YouTube channel







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