If you are looking for an easy and hard hitting werewolf build, this werewolf build is the one you want! This build is going to be hitting around 45k to 50k DPS with just LIGHT attacking and a few other skills. It is by far one of the easiest builds you can play. It utilizes a new item coming in the Deadlands. So I am very excited for you to try this when the DLC releases.


We are picking the Dragon Knight theme mainly for the reason that I just like Dragon Knight. There are other classes you could play this build with but having some of the poison damage passives are nice for this, and for our front bar I just like how the Dragon Knight fits the werewolf theme. I don’t know why but I feel like if I was a werewolf I would be a Dragon Knight.

Orcs are just great stamina classes. I always use them basically no matter what, and they sometimes get beat out by Khajiits, but I love the movement speed boost you get, and in case you want to switch this werewolf back to just a stamina Dragon Knight I think its a great race for it. Again race is mainly for min maxing, Play the race that you like and you will be fine. You will miss out on some passives depending on the race you choose but it isn’t super detrimental.

This food is easy to attain and will add to all three pools, giving you increased Magicka, health and stamina for battle. The ingredients are Fish, Melon, Greens and Frost Mirriam, but if you cannot make it yourself, it is fairly cheap on guild traders.

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce

I usually just use tri-stat potions because the gem crates you get from ZOS and the daily rewards give millions of them.

We have 64 points into stamina. A lot of the stats you see on the stat screen will go up when buffed and in werewolf form. Our weapon critical is already at 60 percent.


MUNDUS STONE: The thief mundus stone for increased crit rating. This can be switched to shadow as well, it’s really your preference. But I like crit strike because we are light attacking so we will get a lot of attacks in so the more we have a chance to crit the better.


You want to aim for these skills, but the order you slot them is totally a personal preference. All the skills we are using are really easy to get to, and some of them we are slotting it just to make use of their passives. Also the Dragon Knight side is the back bar, and our goal is to be on our werewolf side or form as much as possible.


Feral PounceHircine’s FortitudeFerocious RoarHowl of DespairClaws of LifeWerewolf Berserker


StampedeNoxious BreathFlames of OblivionVenomous ClawWrecking BlowStandard of Might

Feral Pounce – Pounce Morph: World – Werewolf – This is going to be your most used skill besides light attacking, this applies a lot of bleed and then the additional one does more as well. This will also increase your werewolf transformation, and restore stamina. So you want to apply this frequently with your light attacks. This skill is just an overall powerhouse for this build. You really can use it as much as you want, but for the sake of trying to see how much damage I could do with doing minimal skills, I didn’t use it as much as I could have probably.

Hircine’s Fortitude – Hircine’s Bounty Morph: World – Werewolf – This is here mainly for the major brutality passive we get just from having it on our bar. But it is a nice heal as well.

Ferocious Roar – Roar Morph: World – Werewolf – This is here for multiple reasons. Again while slotted we get major savagery which will increase our weapon critical rating. Also this is a fear that will set enemies off balance and our heavy attacks are 33% faster for 10 seconds. This is something you can use as a pre-fight thing but it’s up to you. The passive effect is amazing.

Howl of Despair – Piercing Howl Morph: World – Werewolf – This is a great skill for increasing our damage. You can use this and enemies that are facing you take 10 percent more damage, and this has a synergy that gives our teammates empower which gets them in on the light attack madness action.

Claws of Life – Infectious Claws Morph: World – Werewolf – This is a skill that you can spam if you want for disease damage. It will heal you in return so if you really need heals along with our other healing skill.

Werewolf Berserker (Ultimate) – Werewolf Transformation Morph: World – Werewolf – This is an MVP, this is how we become a werewolf but the reason we chose this morph is the fact that this augments our light attacks to gain a bleed hence the name of the build. Our heavy attacks also deal damage in a cone in front of us. So this is a catalyst to our build hitting hard. This plays into our sets we are using as well

Stampede – Critical Charge morph: Weapon section, 2Handed Tree. This will give you insane range as a DK in non werewolf form. This will always crit and hits super hard.

Noxious Breath – Fiery Breath Morph: Class Section – Ardent Flame. This is a great opener once you stampede. This is going to apply a point dot on your enemy and apply major breach which will reduce their physical and spell resistance.

Flames of Oblivion – Inferno Morph: Class Section – Ardent Flame. This skill is mainly on your bar to give you the passive benefit of major savagery increasing your weapon critical rating by 2629. That’s basically it.

Venomous Claw – Searing Strike Morph: Class Section – Ardent Flame. This is another great poison dot that you can spam but I would just apply it because we have another spammable.

Wrecking Blow – Uppercut morph: Weapon Section – 2handed. This is your main spammable on your non-werewolf side. We are a light attack focused build, every time you hit with this, this will grant empower which increase your light and heavy attacks by 40 percent. Light attack after every use of this skill.

Standard of Might (Ultimate) – Dragon Knight Standard Morph: Class Section – Ardent Flame. This is one of the Dragon Knight’s best ultimate’s. You use this and it does flame damage, applies major defile, standing in the area increases your damage done and reduces damage taken. And there is a synergy. Use this when you aren’t in werewolf form but for the most part you obviously want to prioritize the werewolf ultimate to transform.

Alternative Skills:  

This is a build again that has a template of how I built it. You can switch out skills for preference, but I really don’t recommend any other alternative skills, since this is a pretty straightforward build.


You should be able to save some skills points on passives with this build, but here are the recommended passives I would prioritize:

Werewolf: All Passives

Weapon: All 2h and dual wield passives (we are using dual wield on werewolf side)

Armor: All Medium armor passives

Guild: All undaunted passives

Class: All Class Passives, except burning heart, eternal mountain, and helping hands

Craft: Medicinal Use from the Alchemy Tree

Racial: All Racial Passives


So for your item sets we are leaning hard into the light attack theme. Blood Moon is going to augment that and you are going to be able to do so many light attacks when that procs. Our mythic item the new one from the DEADLANDS DLC is going to make our light attacks stronger. Leviathan is going to boost our crit which is great. And Molag Kena is going to be an all-star, since we are using minimal abilities it is going to help our attacks hit massively. I have some alternatives if you want to switch the sets up, and if you don’t have the mythic item. When your blood moon buff is up, you should be able to hit 10 light attacks in the duration. Also when you just light attack with daggers you will hit around 32k DPS, which is nuts.

HeadMolag KenaMediumDivinesMax Stamina
ShouldersMolag KenaMediumDivinesMax Stamina
ChestBlood MoonMediumDivinesMax Stamina
WaistBlood MoonMediumDivinesMax Stamina
ShoesBlood MoonMediumDivinesMax Stamina
GlovesBlood MoonMediumDivinesMax Stamina
PantsBlood MoonMediumDivinesMax Stamina
NecklaceLeviathanJewelryBloodthirstyStamina Recovery
Ring 1LeviathanJewelryBloodthirstyStamina Recovery
Ring 2Belharza’s BandJewelry (Mythic)BloodthirstyStamina Recovery
Weapon 1LeviathanDaggerPreciseWeapon Damage
Weapon 2LeviathanDaggerPreciseWeapon Damage
Weapon 3LeviathanBattle AxePreciseWeapon Damage

Molag Kena – Vet White Gold Tower
Blood Moon – March of Sacrifices Dungeon
Levathian – Crypt of Hearts Dungeon
Belharza’s Band – Mythic Leads

Alternate Item Set Build

If you don’t have the mythic item yet, run 5 pieces of Leviathan
You can also take off Leviathan and run Savage Werewolf for another good option.



  • Fighting Finesse (Slot)
  • Deadly Aim (Slot)
  • Master at Arms (Slot)
  • Weapons Expert (Slot)

You can put other points into other non-slottable cp stars and the ones you need to get the slottable ones.


  • Sustained by Suffering(Slot)
  • Rejuvenation (Slot)
  • Survival Instinct (Slot)
  • Bloody Renewal (Slot)

The rest of the points put into what you want in the red tree and the ones you need to get the slottables.


This tree is kind of open to anything, just pick what you like, it doesn’t matter for combat. If you want suggestions, I would say Liquid Efficiency, Rationer and Treasure Hunter are always a good choice.



The rotation is really easy especially when you get to werewolf form but when you aren’t in that form this is how it goes:

stampede > noxious breath > venomous claw > wrecking blow > light attack > wrecking blow > light attack > wrecking blow > light attack

When you have your werewolf up you will do this rotation (also remember rotations are on stationary objects, when mechanics are active you will need to do mechanics):

leap > howl > light attack endlessly until you have leap proc up > leap > howl > light attack

Make sure to light attack or try to light attack between every skill. Practice this to get better at it. (it will increase overall dps)






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